Public sector pay

The issue of public sector pay has hit the headlines recently. There are many private sector employees who have not seen any rise in earnings for many years.

New Schools for Thurrock

Since 2010 the Conservative Government has 425 opened and will deliver another 400 by 2020. Here in Thurrock there will be SEVEN new schools - 3 are already open and 4 more on the way. I have personal championed successful campaigns for three of them in Tilbury, Chafford & West Thurrock.

The Labour Party has peddled fear

Most of us get involved in politics because we have strong beliefs about what is best for our country. When we are elected to Parliament we have special responsibilities towards our constituents but our first responsibility is to the Nation.

Making It Count For Future Generations

Governments can only spend money they take from taxpayers.  So if people want to see an increase in spending, we either have to increase the amount of money we take from taxpayers.  Of course we can borrow money but that just saddles the debt on future taxpayers and that really isn’t fair.  So we

Clean It, Cut It, Fill It

Six months ago the Conservatives took control of Thurrock Council with a pledge to ‘clean it, cut it, fill it’.  This pledge reflected growing irritation with the cleanliness of the borough and the state of our roads and open spaces.  Litter and fly-tipping was simply left with a Labour council c