Securing A Better Future for Thurrock

 Securing the best Lower Thames Crossing for Thurrock  

Jackie has been lobbying Highways England since she was elected to make sure
that Thurrock gets the best Lower Thames Crossing possible. The new route must
add capacity to our over-worked road network, not add to it.

 Creating New Schools and New School Places

Jackie has championed successful campaigns for new free schools in Tilbury, 
Chafford & West Thurrock.

"I will continue to support Headteachers who show vision and leadership for their
schools and make sure that our academies receive the capital they need to give
the best schools for our children"

 Protecting Our Greenbelt

Jackie Doyle-Price and local Conservatives are fighting to protect our greenbelt, an
example; when proposals for a housing development in Aveley of 501 homes on
greenbelt was axed.

Jackie believes that Thurrock needs to build more homes - but it is time that development
took place in the East. There is precious little greenbelt left in the west of the borough.

 Tackling Illegal Traveller Encampments

In the last year Thurrock has been blighted by numerous illegal traveller
encampments. The Police and the Council must enforce the laws that the rest
of us are expected to abide by.

 Improving Health Services 

Basildon hospital is improving, now lets improve our GPs. Central to establishing good
health provision is a strong network of GPs who know their patients and make sure
that they manage their care.