Thurrock Gazette: We Will Leave the EU

The countdown is on to the end of an era.  On March 29th we will cease to be a member of the European Union after over forty years of membership. 

And we will be leaving then, deal or no deal.  There are growing demands for a second referendum to be held.  That is not going to happen.  We were very clear that the referendum would settle the issue once and for all and we are implementing the instruction we were given by you, the public.

Make no mistake.  When we leave we will be taking back control of our laws, our money and our borders.

The challenge we face is to deliver that whilst keeping true to the union with Northern Ireland and respecting the Good Friday agreement which demands no hard border with the Republic of Ireland.

Europe thinks we should have a border at the Irish sea.  Clearly that is unacceptable.  Northern Ireland is British. All citizens of the United Kingdom are equal.   We cannot have a different relationship with Europe in Northern Ireland.  But it remains the case that a hard border with the European Union through the Republic of Ireland is the real issue which is causing difficulty.

I am confident though.  I know there is a lot of noise being made but that is more about egos demanding attention and wanting to be Prime Minister than anything else.  I want is to leave with the best possible advantages, but leave we will.  No matter what.