Have YOUR say to the Boundary Commission

The Boundary Commission has recently published its proposed constituency boundaries for Thurrock.

Jackie will be asking the Boundary commission to consider renaming the Thurrock constituency. The name is a historical hangover from the days when our MP represented the whole borough. Today Jackie represent two thirds of the population of Thurrock and less than half the land. Given the need for more houses it seems likely that the population of Thurrock will continue to rise and over time the borough will need to be represented by two MPs. With that in mind, she is advising that the Boundary Commission should look at renaming the Thurrock constituency so that it better reflects the communities she represent.

There are many alternatives. We could call it West Thurrock, we could call it Grays. We could call it Port of London or Tilbury. Jackie's own recommendation would be to name it after the two postal districts that serve the constituency and call it Grays & South Ockendon. You too can have your say by writing to the Boundary commission.

Ultimately Jackie cannot speak for the whole of Thurrock and there should not be an expectation that she does so. The interests of the communities at the west of the borough can often pull in different directions to those in the East as the debate on the Lower Thames crossing has shown. It is time to properly reflect the community she serves by finding a new name.

Representations can be made at https://www.bce2018.org.uk/